Free business name generators. Are you there?

You are facing difficulties in coming up with a superb business name. You have been holding brainstorming meetings with peers. Each time you choose a name for your business, you find shop using it. Now, you are on the verge of giving up or combining your names and uses them as the business name.

But doing this is still worrying you as the name will be hard to memorize for you and your customers. What a bad situation. Worry no more. Somebody has been in such a situation before you.

For this reason, they came up with free business name generators to help entrepreneurs coming after them like you in naming their businesses. With this information, here are the top 3:

a.    Shopify

Apart from being the leading e-commerce platform, Shopify is a prolific business name generator. From the Shopify, you can find thousands of business names that are unique. Unlike other generators, Shopify generates names which have available domains.

Also, when you select your preferred name, you can move on to launch your online store. Essentially, the platform offers you 14 free trial days to start your online store. Hence, you have the opportunity to test how the audience will receive your business name which is an upper hand.

b.    Freshbooks

If you want to select a business name that is fit for a certain niche, Freshbooks is the way to go. When you start the name search process, Freshbooks displays a prompt that asks you to select your business field.

Upon completing this task, you can select the keywords you would like to associate with your business name. As such, Freshbooks does not only offer you a business name suggestion; rather you get a one which is optimized for search engine.

c.    Wordlab

The other awesome free business name generator is Wordlab. This generator contains more than 7 million suggestions for business names. However, it does not give you a list of suggested names.

You have to keep clicking on the ‘get name’ icon until you find the name you feel its worthy of your business. Despite this, the generator has a community forum where you can access support in choosing a wooing name for your business. All you need is creating a free account.

In a word, with the above free business name generators, choosing a name for your business is no longer a hard task.