When you think of starting an in-or online store, the first step is to choose a business name. You store name is essential as it determines how your potential client will perceive it. The task may be sound as a simple thing. 

In fact, some entrepreneurs argue that having quality products and suitable services you are good to go. The name of your business does not matter as long as you meet the customers’ needs.

You think so? You are wrong.  Apart from the products and services, your business name is essential in for achieving success in the modern competitive market. It is what makes the customer remember or forget your store. Hence, you need to strategize in the name selection process: here are tips to help you choose a catchy and memorable business name:

a)    Make sure it is easy to spell and memorize

Take it this way: you are offering fashions in your business and call it ‘bestnetingclothesdressmen fashions.’ Your competitor who runs a similar business named ‘smarttop fashions.’ If you were a customer, which name would you find easier to spell? Of course, the latter is easier and memorable.

Choosing an easy name helps potential customers to easily identify you and reach you when they need a product or service from your store. Particularly, this principle is important when running an online store. As such, always choose a business name that is easy to spell and memorize.

b)    Use creative business name generators

Sometimes you may come up with a unique business name. However, as you proceed to register it, you find it is already taken. This is obviously a disappointing moment. To avoid such situation, you can go for business name generators.

Here, you select your intended business name, and the generator helps you to find whether it is available or not. Also, it offers you some unique suggestions. Hence, it shortens your brainstorming and business name selection process.

c)    Find names related to your business

You may come up with a unique name that is catchy and attractive to the potential customers. However, the name means something else to them rather than your offers. For instance, you may start a fashion business and decide to call it ‘smartorange.’  Even though it is unique, it might be interpreted to mean you are selling oranges (fruits).

All in all, when you want to choose a business name, ensure it is easy to spell and memorize. Also, it should relate to what you offer.  Importantly, using a creative business name generator can help you to come up with a unique business name within a short period.